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Rights for Youth - Mission

23% of Americans have no voice.

US Citizens under 18 are often denied the rights granted to them by the Constitution because state laws generally boil down to "minors must obey their parents."

This results in our youth being stripped of identity and politically sidelined.

We deserve opinions. We deserve protection. We deserve equality.

The world continues to fight the great injustices of child labor, exploitation and overt abuse.

But American culture is not without its own problems. Our youth are all too often stripped of the ability to form their own identities and act on their beliefs. They are coerced into religions. They are ignored by politicians except for photo ops and the advancement of unrelated agendas. "Think of the children," they say, heedless of the opinions of those directly affected.

The time has come for rational advancement of the rights of American youth.

Anarchy is not the goal. Kindergartners shouldn't vote on their lunch menus, because they lack information on health and nutrition. Kids shouldn't be able to avoid medically necessary shots just because they hate the momentary sting of the needs. Teenagers shouldn't have unfettered access to alcohol or drugs.

But the one-size-fits-all solution of granting parents total control of their children's lives is outdated. Youth need to be empowered to discover their own identities and paint their own visions of the future.

Please join our efforts to support the voices and rights of America's youth.

We will organize, publish and lobby as a legitimate political organization.

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